Catholic Press at the Council

In the Feb. 24, 1962, issue of America, the editors commended the “happy signs of a new and progressive press policy in Rome,” and argued that “a liberalized press policy at the Vatican Council” would be good news for Catholic and secular press alike.

Attentive readers of the diocesan newspapers will have noticed, in the past month or more, a perceptible improvement in both the quality and quantity of news about the Vatican Council. During January, particularly, when the Central Preparatory Commission was receiving reports, authorized stories succeeded each other in unprecedented abundance. If the releases dealt primarily with the agenda and gave no hint of the decisions reached, they were at least fairly detailed and certainly official. It is a pleasure to acknowledge—and since February is Catholic Press Month, it is appropriate to record—these happy signs of a new and progressive press policy in Rome. When the Fathers of the council meet on October 11, the newly functioning press officers will have made their shakedown cruise. The Church, the council and world opinion, we are convinced, will profit greatly if the new policy fulfills the hopes that have been placed in it. Continue reading