The 1962 Elections and News Columns

One of the longest peacetime sessions of Congress has obscured the importance of the upcoming elections that are now a mere six weeks away. Even the electoral extravaganzas in New York, California and Massachusetts have managed to take over the newspaper headlines on only a few occasions.

Nelson Rockefeller’s re-election as Governor of New York has been accepted by most as a sure thing, in spite of some polls that suggest the opposite. The widespread interest in New York has centered mainly on how large the Governor’s margin will be. Will it be big enough to make his Presidential nomination in 1964 a near certainty?

In California, Nixon’s fight for his political life has drawn more than local attention. The greatest newspaper space, however, has been devoted to the Senatorial battle in Massachusetts between the Kennedys and the McCormacks. The battle and its outcome may have implications for 1962 races in other States. Continue reading

Enter a New Presidential Candidate

Governor George Romney and his son Mitt.

In honor of Super Tuesday, a look back at the burgeoning presidential race 50 years ago, featuring a Republican named Romney. From the March 10, 1962 issue of America:

A presidential boom—its birth, its nurturing and its outcome—is a fascinating thing to behold. This is especially true in the case of a political novice like George Romney, the Rambler Man, who is now regarded as a candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 1964. Continue reading